The apparel industry has gone through numerous significant transitions over the last decades; especially the technology adaptations in the last decade being in the spotlight. Yet, the question remains from an industry standpoint whether rapid tech innovations in the world has made a lasting impact? The answer is yes. Nevertheless, with the ever changing consumer trends and demands, the industry is constantly in demand for further improvements and technological solutions.

With the digital revolution, consumers have become more specific in their demands, causing a shift from mass manufacturing to fast flow of small orders demanding manufactures to adapt to more agile models. This in turn has resulted in the industry looking into new avenues to meet speed, quality, product innovations and end to end value chain collaboration through cutting edge technology. Hence, Industry 4.0, which is revolutionizing modern tech landscape clearly resonates with the apparel industry today.

Big data analytics, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine To Machine (M2M) technology are some of the few widely heard terms in the digital world today. These concepts are not in its conceptualization stages any more, but at the executable stages to meet the demands of the apparel manufacturers today.

Early adaptors of industry 4.0 in the apparel industry have already started their movement in the competitive market. They have started looking at more integrated, data rich solutions interconnected from Product development to production up to delivery lines with real time insightful data to keep them up to date to take decisions immediately; Solutions that use historical data and give them suggestions on improving their productivity and quality through Artificial Intelligence; Integrated smart solutions covering the entire manufacturing landscape from PDC to pattern making, planning, CAD, cutting, production lines to delivery.

To stay ahead of the curve in adapting Industry 4.0, the manufactures need to have an open mind to look for solutions that suit well for their specific model. Starting from sample room, product development until bulk production tech innovation can make long lasting contribution with the right technology partner. A technology partner, who has more to offer than the standard “Fit for All” solutions can super charge your journey to industry 4.0.

The industry should not look for just a machine, or a platform but, a technology partner who has the vision and expertise to provide you with the right innovative Solutions; collaboration with such a partner to give you the right solution.

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