Today, most of the Apparel Manufacturers have stepped into the Industry 4.0 era. As a part of transforming their organizations with the 4th industrial revolution, companies are trying to digitalize their operations. Technology specialist Lectra has introduced “Cutting Room 4.0” a cloud connected digital cutting solution for the first time in the apparel sector.  Cutting Room 4.0 is a complete digital eco system where the users will be able to gather and analyze performance of their processes around the Lectra Eco-system and further enhance same.

Quick Nest, the cloud marker making solution by Lectra is one of the main components of Cutting Room 4.0. Quick Nest provides easy access to automatic marker making and capitalizes on cloud technology to handle heavy volumes of calculations in parallel, maximizing productivity and marker efficiency. Vector Dashboard is another component of Cutting Room 4.0 launched for the Lectra Automatic Cutter. It gives the management full visibility of the cutting operation by showing the efficiency and productivity of the automatic cutting operation while monitoring certain KPIs commonly used in the Industry.

Sri Lanka is one of the earliest to adopt to Lectra’s digital platform in the world. With the expertise and assistance of Apparel Technologies as  the exclusive representative of Lectra in Sri Lanka, Quick Nest and Dashboard solutions are already popular among many apparel manufacturers in Sri Lanka. Throughout last year there have been new customers who partnered with Lectra after observing the benefits of using these solutions.

Quick Nest
Lectra has revolutionized marker making process by introducing Quick Nest to the Industry. The latest Marker Making solution by Lectra is a cloud based solution which improves your time and fabric savings  Cloud nesting with Quick Nest eliminates the constraints which were caused by traditional way of nesting where the efficiency of the marker was determined by the power of the physical hardware. Quick Nest uses more than 10 times powerful processors in the cloud which results in far better fabric savings.

Our pre-sales cycle with Quick Nest takes a different approach where we offer a 3 weeks free trial to the interested clients. During the trial the users will be to able test and feel the difference of using Quick Nest application. We take a project approach to the trial and our experts guide your team on certain change management aspects as well. KPIs are defined at the beginning of the project and throughout the trial period our team will guide and monitor them so that you are able to gain the maximum out of the new application. Once the trial period is over our team will come up with the best proposal based on the findings from the trial. This trial period will give you an opportunity to practically test out how feasible Quick Nest is to your organization. Also real data insights on fabric savings and time savings make your decision making process easier.

Vector Dashboard


The Lectra Vector Auto cutter is the most sophisticated cutting machine in the industry today. Vector Dashboard which is a key element of cutting room 4.0 allows you to monitor the performance of each of the lectra products connected. It Monitors KPIs based on 3 main areas, namely Production performance, Production Quantities and Production Times.

Apart from monitoring KPIs Vector Dashboard gives many other insights as well. Individual cutter performance, Operator wise performance and even comparing cutters in a site which are going through similar styles is just a matter of a few clicks with Vector Dashboard. Since it’s a cloud solution the managers can access the dashboard from anywhere in the world by logging into “MyLectra” portal. Identifying bottlenecks of a particular machine or a site is really easy as you can add multiple sites for a particular company. Most of our customers are already seeing the benefits of having such an insightful tool as they are able to identify hidden bottlenecks of the process. Identifying process gaps and bottlenecks early can eliminate last minute delays caused in the manufacturing process. Lectra Vector Dashboard will be your go to solution to keep the cutting room process real time at the optimum level.

Leveraging the industrial Internet of Things, lean development principles and cloud-based computing, Lectra aims to provide anytime, anywhere access to business enhancing applications. Gone are the days of limited storage space and slow calculation speed. These well-packaged, light cloud applications will redefine the way Apparel Manufacturers store and process data.