Bringing a tidal wave of innovations and trends, the apparel industry has already accelerated its transition to digitalization and the era of Industry 4.0. Technology specialist Lectra has introduced “Cutting Room 4.0” a cloud connected digital cutting platform for the first time in the apparel sector. Cutting Room 4.0 is a complete digital ecosystem where the users are able to gather and analyze the performance of their processes around the Lectra Eco-system and enhance it.

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Pioneering in introducing industry 4.0 aligned solutions, The Lectra Auto Cutting solution is now integrated with a fully-fledged data dashboard, revolutionizing the automation of the cutting room. Lectra Dashboard is another component of Cutting Room 4.0 launched for the Cutting room solution.

The dashboard gives the management full visibility of the cutting operation by showing the efficiency and productivity of the automatic cutting operation while monitoring certain KPIs commonly used in the Industry. The dashboard allows all stakeholders to find the information they need quickly. Leveraging the industrial Internet of Things and cloud-based computing, Lectra aims to provide anytime, anywhere access to business enhancing applications.

KPI’s where apparel manufacturers make the most out of Lectra Dashboard

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LECTRA DASHBOARD: The Success Story of Crystal Martin

Crystal Martin Sri Lanka is a subsidiary of Crystal International Group, a large-scale apparel manufacturer in Sri Lanka. They are a world renowned name for manufacturing high-quality sportswear, swimwear, activewear & lingerie in the region. Together with Lectra and Apparel Technologies, they have made significant changes to their manufacturing facilities to improve the process.

One of the main tools used in this process was the latest dashboard offered by Lectra. Crystal Martin was able to increase its cutting efficiency to more than 80% within 6 months of implementing the dashboard. It is a 20% increase in net cutting time and greater than the industry average cutting efficiency. Crystal Martin has also discovered great benefits with the Super Admin access in Lectra’s dashboard. Super admin access allows them to track and compare performances of cutting machines located in different factories in one view. It has led to the standardization of operations across factories and to create an environment with continuous improvement.

Being the sole representative of Lectra France, in Sri Lanka, we at Apparel Technologies take a unique approach to introducing Lectra Dashboard to clients. We use a project approach to make sure the client is comfortable with using the dashboard to improve their performance within months of introduction. As pioneers in gearing up the local apparel industry for a technological future, we believe our expertise in apparel manufacturing can help companies discover their potential and explore beyond.
For more details on how the Lectra dashboard can help your company elevate visibility, democratize data and increase operational efficiency, contact our team Apparel technologies on +94 76 3590922.