The Bobbin Group having built relationships with all leading apparel manufacturing suppliers in the world, supplies original, branded sewing machines from the basic single needle machine to high end automated Lectra cutters. Only branded sewing machines such as Juki’s single needle machines are capable of consistently performing without reducing productivity. As such purchasing original branded machines from reputed dealers will ensure that your production line always runs on optimum efficiency.


Whether it’s the most reliable inspection machines or relaxing machines, we at The Bobbin have the best machinery for your needs. With a portfolio consisting of Ngai Shing, one of the top garment machinery manufacturers in China and Saloon a world renowned brand for fabric relaxing, we are able to provide a solution, customized to your need.



Automated cutting solutions

The apparel industry is rapidly evolving into a more autonomous workforce, and leading the charge is France’s renowned automated cutting specialist LECTRA. The leader in automated cutting room solutions, Lectra provides the highest efficiency, quality and most importantly savings among all other solutions in the market. Known for their versatility, Vector multi-ply cutting machines enable manufacturers to facilitate just-in time (JIT) and mass production processes while fulfilling last-minute orders with ease.

Manual cutters

Safety, reliability and price are three primary factors when selecting manual hand held cutters. Carrying the complete range from portable hand held cutters to round cutters to straight knife cutters, the Bobbin brings you a wide range of handheld cutting implements to suit all and every need. We also provide the highest quality blades for all types of cutting implements.

End cutters

Depending on your requirement, the Bobbin is capable of providing a variety of end cutters from international brands such as Hashima. From manual type end cutters to semi automatic or fully automatic end cutters, we have it all and will recommend the best machine for you factoring in initial, costs, running costs and efficiency.

Cutting tables

Providing the highest quality, Ngai Shing branded cutting tables directly imported from China.

Strip cutters

Being the sole agent of Saloon in Sri Lanka, we carry the complete range of strip cutting machines from semi-automatic to fully automated with counters.

Fusing Machines

We also carry the complete range of fusing machines, from tabletop fusing machines to industrial grade fusing machines, so no matter what your requirement is or what your buyer requires, we got your back.



The Bobbin is an authorized dealer of JUKI and provides the complete range of sewing machinery from the most basic lockstitch to fully computerized high end machinery. Our skilled sales staff and technicians with decades of experience will help you choose the right machine for your needs.

We are also the sole authorized agent of GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL BV, a Netherlands based company specializing in sewing machines for the leather industry.

A good machine needs an equally good needle, which is why we are also the sole agent for ORGAN needles in Sri Lanka. We are equipped to provide a wide range of needles for all your needs and should you require a special type of needle we got you covered. With the patented slim point needle (S-point) basic needle range, reduce cut holes without a specialty solution for a fraction of the cost.


Finishing and pressing

Ironing and Pressing

Possessing a wide range of finishing products from basic irons, iron tables, and boilers to more advanced machines such as the Italian PONY finishing machines which are some of the most advanced and trusted finishing equipment in the market today. Our product line will ensure that you receive the best possible finish for your creations.


One of the latest additions to our portfolio is a specialized SEI Laser designed for denim and fabric garments finishing replacing traditional methods of discoloration, abrasion, decoration, marking, engraving and cutting. Unlike traditional finishing methods, the SEI Laser is completely sustainable, not using water or fuel in any of its processes. With a 3X productivity over a conventional machine the SEI laser will get you a higher quality finish for a fraction of the cost.


Our wide range of washing machinery for sampling to bulk production are ideal for stone & enzyme washing. We also possess machinery capable of doing ozone finishing that are well suited for denims and twill fabric. Our range of products also include laser finishing, grinding, brushing, pp spray and whiskers deserve special mentioning for its superior quality and performance. The latest range from Fagor combines the durability of industrial washers with more versatility. The machines are smaller, more affordable but with the same performance European machines are known for.


Safety and Packaging

When buyers think of safety, Hashima is the name they most associate with. We have the complete range of HASHIMA needle detectors in our portfolio along with a team of experienced technicians for calibrations.

We are also the sole distributors of QMax needle detectors, a cost effective needle detector solution with approval from NEXT buying office.

We offer more than the machine to our customers, providing you with guidance from pre-purchase to post-purchase. We wish to ensure that you receive the maximum return from your investment.


Bonding Machinery

Bringing innovative, seamless bonding technology to Sri Lanka.

The Bobbin Group is the only authorized dealer for FRAMIS ITALIA, a world renowned company based in Italy. Being the only company that offers a wide range of both bonding machines and tapes, FRAMIS is at the forefront of Bonding technology.

Framis has developed and improved the NoSo® heat-welding system, increasingly meeting the demand for new creativity and improved quality expressed by major stylists and designers worldwide.


Laser Technology

We provide a wide range of laser technologies for the apparel industry, from cost effective solutions to cutting edge digital solutions for mass production.

The new range of SEI Lasers are designed to be eco-sustainable, while ensuring maximum productivity and quality. With customizable functions for textile processing and finishing, our latest range of lasers are a significant step up from more traditional forms of discoloration, abrasion, decoration, marking, engraving and cutting of fabrics.

Combining high tech ingenuity with intuitive, user friendly interfaces; our laser systems are capable of a variety of processes at the touch of a button.


Embroidery Machinery

With over 60 years in the industry, Barudan represents the very best of Japan, experience and tested excellence. The Barudan embroidery machines are ideal for normal & chenille embroidery, cording, and single & twin sequins.

Our skilled team is capable of analyzing your requirement and providing the best machine suited to your needs, and providing you with assistance whenever it is required.

We also carry the complete range relating to embroidery from the threads, to the needles to the glue which is required for embroidery.

With over 25 years of experience, we pride ourselves on being the pioneers in the embroidery industry comprising a team of highly skilled and talented professionals. Our technicians have an average of 20 years of experience, and have been trained internationally, primarily from our principals in Japan and China. The team is well versed in all aspects from installation, to training. Our true strength lies in our after sales service which is provided to you whenever and wherever necessary.

Product range

  • Single Head Machines
  • Compact Bridge Machines
  • Multi Head Machines
  • Chenille Machines
  • Sequin Machines
  • Pearl attaching
  • Bead attaching

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