CAD and CAM Solutions

Having entered into a strategic alliance with the world-renowned Lectra France, Apparel Tech possesses at its disposal a wide range of Computer Aided Design (CAD) softwares and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) solutions. Apparel Technologies is proud to say that the Lectra – App Tech partnership has powered over 80 cutting room automations and over 300 CAD Software licenses across Sri Lanka.

As we continue to forge ahead in the industry whilst offering complete solutions and novel techniques, we have paved the way for growth and development to take shape in the apparel sector, here in Sri Lanka. However, our belief is that while innovation and product excellence form part of our corporate credo, we strive to be professional and trustworthy in every business transaction.

Reaffirming our commitment to delivering high-end IT based automated solutions, Apparel Technologies continues to be the sole representative of Lectra, France in Sri Lanka for the 28th consecutive year.


Lectra’s wide range of CAD solutions entail pattern making (Modaris), cut order planning  (Optiplan), and marker making (Diamino) Lectra’s  product range also included Kubix Link the collaborative platform that unleashes the true potential of your product development team optimizing the entire process around product development.


Apparel Technologies provides the latest technical advancements for CAM in the form of automated plotters and spreaders from Lectra. We are also one of the only innovators in the Sri Lankan market coming up with value additions to further optimize your manufacturing process.

Industry 4.0 solutions

A key player in Industry 4.0, Lectra’s latest solution focus on delivering complete integrated solutions that combine software, equipment, data and services – all essential to deploy Industry 4.0 enabled with cloud computing, IOT and AI technologies.

Lectra’s revamped CAD and CAM solutions help manufacturers  perform better under increasingly tighter deadlines with enhanced time savings, improved cost estimations and order planning capabilities, optimized cutting quality, productivity, cost per garments, fabric savings and actionable insights to improve further.

Apptech CAD/Cutting Room Automation Expertise

Showcasing an unsurpassed level of professional conduct, Apparel Tech CAD and CAM experts provide advisory services on a vast range of operational areas in CAD and Cutting rooms. Our team analyses, re-designs & optimizes processes to suit a multitude of needs of the CAD and Cutting rooms.

Further, our experts enhance cutting room performance by improving efficiency & uptime, reducing non-quality costs & costs per product as well as being at the heart of ensuring that product development occurs on a consistent basis.

With a team of internationally trained technicians and engineers, Apparel Tech is poised to provide an all-round service which is prompt, reliable and professional.

While attending to installations, trainings and carrying out an efficient after sales service across the globe, we take on the responsibility of supplying a wide range of spare parts for various machinery at extremely competitive prices.