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Industry 4.0 is about integrating solutions, services and production tools that are compatible with the principles of intelligent and connected manufacturing. The flexibility offered by the new technology enables companies to launch into new business models, such as on-demand production, while maintaining the productivity and profitability.

Deployment of several production models simultaneously is now achievable due to 4.0 solutions and technologies, revolutionizing the manufacturing landscape reducing time and effort substantially.

With a vision to lead the change in the Apparel Sector for the Modernization of the Industry, Apptech Innovations focuses on transforming the fashion and apparel industry with best in class technology and business processes. Armed with a team consisting of IOT networking experts, Business process re-engineering experts, industry process experts, business analysts and project management experts; Apptech Innovations is able to give the perfect solution after taking into account all of the variables.

Services offered

  • Operational efficiency through business process re-engineering
  • Automation consultancy
  • Digital transformation consultancy
  • IT-as-a-service
  • Innovation Projects with IOT, Data-As-A-Service, Robotics
  • Premium knowledge share partnerships

Our partners

  • Kubix Link PLM by Lectra

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