Stepping into industry 4.0 era, digitalization of operations has become essential in the world of fashion. Apparel manufacturers are focusing on technological solutions more than ever, to enhance productivity and performance and reduce time to market.

Introduced as one of the main components of Lectra’s digital eco-system, Flex Offer – Lectra’s latest cloud-based nesting solution has revolutionized the process of marker making. Leveraging from cloud technologies, Flex Offer has eliminated a considerable amount of constraints in conventional nesting run on physical hardware. With powerful algorithms run on highly powerful processors in the cloud, Flex Offer will permit to overcome limitations in conventional nesting, guaranteeing superior productivity, marker efficiency, and far better fabric savings.

Simply put, with speed and agility brought by Flex Nest, manufacturers can now take their business to the next level.

Unleash your true potential with Flex Offer!

With significant benefits it has to offer, Flex Offer has gained a wide spread amongst the Apparel Manufacturers of Asia. Under the guidance and support of Apparel Technologies, Sri Lanka has been an early adapter of Flex Offer. Majority of Sri Lankan manufacturers have embraced Flex Offer within a very short period and are enjoying maximum benefits.


“With Lectra’s Flex Offer Solution we have been able to automate part of our manufacturing process thereby optimizing our material consumptions and reducing over-heads.”

Lakmal Fernando

CEO – InQube Global


Flex Offer will provide you with;

  • World Wide Access – Allow your teams to connect and work remotely
  • Unlimited Calculation Capacity – Create unlimited markers without compromising nesting efficiency
  • Optimum Nesting Solutions – Ensure consistent nesting results for significant fabric savings and cost savings
  • Real-time Innovations  – Frequent upgrades to the latest algorithm via cloud
  • Easier Collaboration – One platform for cross-function users.

Experience the Difference with Apparel Technologies

As the sole Sri Lankan representative of Lectra, Apparel Technologies takes a different approach when it comes to pre-sales cycles with Flex Offer. With a trial of 3 weeks, interested clients will be given the opportunity to experience the benefits of using the Flex Offer application.

As we take a project approach to the trial phase, our experts will guide your team on certain aspects of process improvement and change management. KPIs will be defined at the beginning of the project and our team will monitor them throughout the trial to ensure that you will gain the maximum out of the new application. Upon completion of the trial, you will obtain real data insights to enhance your decision-making process and perceive how feasible Flex Offer is to your organization.