Profiting with less – Introducing Cloud Nesting

As the world heals itself from the ongoing pandemic, the Fashion industry is faced with an ultimatum? How do we make profit with less?

With growing concerns on COVID-19, racial discrimination and environmental pollution the world is more focused on basic needs and function. As such there is a significant decline in orders and the requirement for new clothing. So how can companies make a profit with reduced orders?

The easiest way to make a profit is to increase the profit margin and the only way to do this is to reduce costs. A majority of the garment cost comes from the fabric, so how well you utilize your fabric will directly correlate to the amount of profit you have at the end of the order.

Arranging the pieces that require to be cut in the most efficient way is known as nesting. On a desktop nesting software, the more time allocated to create the nested markers the more fabric that is saved. But with the new world that is coming there will be many factories vying for the same order so how could you get ahead?

The answer comes down to cost, giving a better quotation than your competitors as quickly as possible. Desktop nesting programs, due to limited computational power have a trade-off, the longer the software takes to create the markers the better the placements are, which results in more fabric savings. The faster the markers are created the less time the system has to effectively place the fabric resulting in a less efficient usage of the material.

The Quicker Way towards more Savings

With Lectra’s innovative cloud nesting solution, “Quick Nest” running through Diamino – Lectra’s Proprietary automatic marker making solution, the maximum efficiency for creating markers can be obtained in a fraction of the time. The faster you are able to provide the better quotation to your customer, the higher your chances to gain that order. And with better markers the more efficiently your fabric will be consumed resulting in higher profits.

Another significant benefit of “Quick Nest” is that it can be accessed worldwide through any basic computer without requiring specialty hardware as all processing is done on the cloud. As companies are starting to work on remotely this allows for markers to be created virtually yet can still be accessible instantly from any location regardless of where your employees are based. Security is a foremost concern with regards to Cloud based solutions and Lectra has utilized the best security solutions to keep your data safe.

Advantages of Quick Nest

  • Fabric Savings
  • High Time Savings
  • Accessible worldwide
  • Highest security safe from hacking, power outages, viruses, mechanical failures etc.
  • Very high calculation capacity of markers without compromising marker nesting efficiency
  • Frequent real time innovation and updates since individual software do not have to be updated. The cloud will keep evolving to offer the best experience possible. (this includes improvement on possible efficiency levels too)
  • Easier collaboration between departments as different departments can collaborate, while logged into the same platform.
  • Fast execution as data centers have phenomenal computing power

The business world is rapidly evolving towards a higher state of autonomy but organizations need to increase their profits while reducing wastage. Lectra Cloud Nesting solutions offer superior processing power along with worldwide accessibility. Quick Nest offers you Diamino’s functionality from anywhere in the world, faster and efficient than ever before!