Bearing a world renowned name for manufacturing high quality work wear garments, the company with Belgian origins, GP Garments together with Lectra and Apparel Technologies made significant changes to their work process.

Contributing to the years of success since 2007, GP garments has been a Lectra customer since 2007 with 2 High-end Lectra cutters and a Spreader in operation at their plant. The close knit partnership of Lectra, AppTech and GP resulted in AppTech consultants observing gradual changes in GP’s cutting patterns. During their constant visits to GP, AppTech identified that the client was gradually having a trend of handling low ply cuts with low marker lengths and larger number of markers per day. These order patterns resulted in the cutting room personnel undergo tremendous pressure in planning the increasing orders.

As a result the AppTech team suggested to conduct an audit in the GP cutting room to see how well they can help GP with the situation. After careful assessment, the industry experts of Apparel Technologies noticed the significant amount of GP time spent on maker planning for their high flow of smaller orders. AppTech instantly realized the need of a Cut Order planning and Optimization software at the GP cutting room. With an extensive evaluation of all competitive software available in the market, with over 400 markers, GP was convinced Lectra Optiplan was the best fit to their requirement along with Lectra CAD SW.

Lectra Optiplan is the best solution to fully integrate the cutting room’s “islands of technology” into one unique process, incorporating ERP, plotting, CAD and CAM systems to accelerate planning, costing and cutting processes.

Taking GP’s challenges into consideration AppTech suggested GP to go ahead with Optiplan along with integrations to Lectra CAD, Lectra Brio 100 spreader and an additional Lectra Highend Fashion IX 6 cutter.

Through its sophisticated algorithms, Optiplan tests a large variety of size, model and marker combinations respecting material and cutting-room parameters, such as fabric widths, table length, production equipment, labor quantity and costs. Thanks to Optiplan, GP no longer needs to choose between quality and fabric consumption, but can achieve the best of both worlds. With Optiplan, marker planning can be done automatically in minutes, radically increasing the time available for improving marker efficiency.

Optiplan delivers the selected scenarios to spreading and cutting equipment as executable plans, considerably reducing errors downstream and minimizing unnecessary costs and waste. Consistent data results in more cost-effective and consistent cutting and uniformly higher-quality products.

With the fully integrated Lectra solution implemented, GP garments has now realized their true potential and the exceeding capacity to cater more than their current demand. With the emphasis on seamless communication between OPTIPlan, CAD and the cutting room it was made clear that our client could make more fabric saving with higher efficiency.